Michael Davis

Nicknames: Mavis, Badger, Comrade, Steve Randell, SOS


Favorite Simpson’s character: Moe


Favorite food: Potatoes


Ambition: To be a greyhound owner and 1930s style bootlegger


Red or Green Can? Green. I'm in flavor country


Zapp Brannigan or Duffman? Duffman


Offence most recently found guilty of by the WASTCA Tribunal: Lack of journalistic discipline on a Monday morning


Favorite Sesame street character: Cookie Monster


Best attribute: Moderate political tendencies


Role model: Dexter Morgan


Favorite poker hand: Pocket ducks


Best ever left wing leader: Joey, Carl was good, but Joey took things to a new level.


Best ever right wing leader: No such thing. If I had to pick someone I’d say Sarah Palin. Good for decoration.