David Petricevic - retired athlete

Nicknames: Chuckles, Chocolates, Chucklets, Caramelo, Festa, Pop’n fresh, Dr J, Mr C, Davina, Davey D Cups, Peter Griffin, Marks Brother, Certificate.


Kill, sleep with, marry:           Principal Skinner’s Mother               Marry

                                                Judge Judy                                         Sleep with

                                                George Costanza’s Mother               Kill


Favorite Simpson’s character: Mr Burns


Prefered hair replacement specialist: Innovative.


Favorite Drink: Light beer. No really, I only drink light beer because when I drink the real stuff angry Dave comes out. It’s socially debilitating.


WSCC member you would least like to spend an evening with: Mark Petricevic.


Favorite Sesame street character: Snuffleupagus


Best attribute: Streamlined


Role model: Henry Warner-Jones